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2 diciembre, 2020

And ... if you do that consistently for about 10 months your body will change. Relationships While Rocky is still sick, he still trains Adonis in the hospital room and back in his house. Michael B. Jordan [13][14][15] Although Donnie' circumstances change after he is adopted by Mary Anne Creed, his late father's widow, he retains his fiery personality. [13] Adonis has been described as "arrogant",. However, Bianca deems Adonis to be too dangerous to approach and orders him to leave immediately in order to protect herself. Adonis finds it challenging to tell Mary Anne that he is accepting the fight and continues putting it off, but she knows something is up and suspects that Bianca is pregnant, she points out Bianca's glowing skin and oily hair, seeming certain that she is indeed pregnant. At … Donnie discovers pamphlets about the disease in Rocky's coat pocket after another late night training session, where Rocky tells Donnie that they are not family, and that he has nothing to live for now that Adrian, his best friend and brother-in-law Paulie, Apollo and his old coach Mickey, have died, and his son, Robert Jr., has moved away to Vancouver. "[20][21] Donnie pays tribute to Rocky, his father, and his country by wearing the classic American flag shorts in his debut professional match that Apollo and Balboa sported in their bouts against Ivan Drago. Meanwhile, Light Heavyweight Champion "Pretty" Ricky Conlan, due to gun charges, is heading to prison, which will effectively end his career, is gearing up for his final fight against Danny "Stuntman" Wheeler. Orthodox Only with his girlfriend Bianca's encouragement does Donnie eventually come to accept the name. I could understand wanting to have your own legacy and trying to find your own lane". Adonis becomes upset that Balboa doesn't think he can win and gives Rocky an ultimatum that he will take the fight with or without Rocky, who declines. Summary Adonis Johnson "Donnie" Creed (born June 1, 1986) is a light heavyweight boxer and the main protagonist in Creed. In the second fight, Adonis is more accustomed to Viktor Drago by fighting more comfortably in close range, and due to his sessions training his body to absorb substantial impact repeatedly he is able to withstand Viktor's deadly strikes. Conlan's manager, Tommy Holiday, learns about Adonis Creed, son of Apollo Creed and urges Conlan to take the fight, telling him that it would make millions because of the Creed name. Sylvester Stallone revealed on a talk show that in all of his Rocky films there had been at least one instance of him being knocked down for real, which in a sense had become something of a "tradition" for the franchise. [16] Michael O' Sullivan of The Washington Post analyzed that Donnie' "struggles with his temper" are "a coping mechanism that helps him deal with the fear of not living up to the name Creed."[17]. Last appearance After Donnie wins the fight in a 2nd-round KO, Sporino's father alerts the media of Donnie' parentage. During this time, the boxing world continues to move forward with Viktor establishing himself as the number one boxer in the world, despite not having the championship. He forms a strong bond with Rocky and regards him as an uncle, even going so far as to call him "Unc" and introduce him to people as such. Eye colour He is the youngest biological son of Apollo Creed. Later on, a frustrated Donnie is about to attend a concert, where Bianca is about to perform. Adonis loses all his confidence and enters a shell, blocking everybody else out. His relationship with Rocky Balboa is complicated, too. ?-Present) In 1998, Adonis "Donnie" Johnson is spending time at a juvenile detention center in Los Angeles and frequently getting into fights with other children. After Adonis wins the fight in a 2nd-round KO, Sporino's father anonymously alerts the media of Adonis' parentage. Prueba el entrenamiento de Michael B. Jordan, el mismo que usó para construir el cuerpo de Adonis Creed. "[7] Ryan Coogler stated that "That was [Jordan] taking real punches" and became "routinely bloodied, bruised and dizzy" from his fight scenes with Andre Ward, Gabriel Rosado, and Tony Bellew, all of whom are professional boxers. Occupation Adonis finds it hard to get anyone in Los Angeles to train him due to his father's death in the ring, particularly after he suffers an embarrassing loss in an open challenge sparring match to WBA/WBC/Ring Magazine heavyweight champion Danny "Stuntman" Wheeler (and his car, which he offered as a prize). Adonis' hubris initially causes him to refuse to embrace the name Creed, instead using his mother's surname, Johnson. When Rocky comes to bail him out, Donnie is still upset, and tells off the former heavyweight champion, accusing him of getting Apollo killed in the ring. He also comes to terms that he has to fight Viktor again, and win. Going through it inspired me to make a film that told a story about his hero going through something similar to kind of motivate him and cheer him up. 175 lb (79 kg) (Light Heavyweight) 214 lbs (97 kg) (Heavyweight) The (fictional) Delphi Boxing Academy in Los Angeles is advertised as "the home of Apollo Creed." Weight Although Apollo Creed's boxing style was based on Muhammad Ali's, Adonis uses a different style. Now that he's the champion, he proposes marriage to Bianca who accepts. Donnie recruits Tony "Little Duke" Evers, the son of his father's trainer, to train him. Rocky takes Donnie—now known as "Hollywood"—to the Front Street Gym to prepare with the help of several of Rocky's longtime friends, where Donnie markedly improves his hand speed, stamina, and defense. [24] However, Adonis' shorts have the name Johnson on the back and Creed on the front, symbolising that he can both preserve his father's legacy and still make his own. Adonis trains under the wing of Little Duke in the high tech gym. Adonis overwhelmed, rushes into the fight and gets seriously injured. First appearance Apollo died before he was born. Revista Sputnik: Creed: El hijo de Apollo a la altura de la leyenda Con tecnología de Blogger . Adonis was then called out by Viktor Drago, the son of Ivan Drago. Biographical Information During one intense night of training, Rocky becomes ill and is taken to the hospital. Adonis infuriated visits Balboa's home in the middle of the night and tells him that he needs to take the fight. After a knockdown in the 10th round, Donnie unleashes a furious rage on Viktor, knocking him down twice and prompting Ivan Drago to throw in the towel to protect his son. "[9] Although Sylvester Stallone was initially reluctant to help out with the film,[10] he changed his mind upon meeting with Coogler and Jordan.

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