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2 diciembre, 2020

He was an Android and he mentioned that to Piccolo. Anybody that watches DBZ should know the answer to this question. He, Cell as Krillin tries to attack him with no avail. half his cells are from sayians, gohan,goten, and trunks went ssj, im pretty drunk rite now so i cant tell what % of cell is sayian but i thiink its more than 50%, he doesnt have hair to go yellow, so the aura may be the only clue. You can watch the series over and over again and not another being BUT saiyans get the golden aura when powering up to super saiyan. Cell was designed to have the ability to absorb any biological mass by stabbing his victims with his tail. He was last seen frozen by the coldest ice from Hell, broken in pieces by Goku and arrested by the ogres. Asked about the Super Saiyan transformation, Akira Toriyama came out with a wild explanation that caught fans completely off-guard: S-cells. After blasting a hole through Piccolo's side and tossing him into the sea, Cell was able to attack 17 again. The entire top half of Perfect Cell was disintegrated. is My . Yeah, Super-Saiyan Cell? Secondly, what would his name be if he ascended into a SSJ? Along with his previous two forms, Cell can brandish an aura with the same color as a Super Saiyan. Cell then put up an impenetrable barrier while he evolved yet again, this time to Perfect Cell. His arrogance was short-lived though, as he was easily outclassed by Vegeta's Ascended Super Saiyan form. Both Cell and Androids 13, 14, and 15 conceptions involved Dr. Gero's Super Computer. He is NOT a Super Saiyan and CAN NOT turn into a Super Saiyan. Don't you realize you're up against the perfect weapon?!" mouth. With just two punches, Gohan almost incapacitated Cell completely. Since Cell is like 40% Saiyan (due to having the cells of Goku, Vegeta, Nappa, Gohan, and possibly Raditz) he could go 50% percent Oozaru and 70% super saiyan, which he can only do in his already perfect state. He Had the Super Saiyan 1 aura which meant he was a false super saiyan, Hello, I do not think he did go super saiyan during any time of the series. Not a Super Saiyan. Then he turned Super Saiyan 2 after goku is kill, Sandubadear (talk) 02:37, April 28, 2013 (UTC). You're in denial and you fail to acknowledge the truth, so you used a insult as a cop out. So u guys says he cant go supersayian..think about this. With the exception of the golden aura/electricity, he lacks the typical attributes of a SSJ such as the golden hair and green/turquoise eyes. Cell turned to Android 18, but she threatened to self destruct before joining him if he approached, which would leave him unable to attain his complete form. This leads to him being kicked in the stomach and regurgitating Android 18, causing him to revert to his Semi-Perfect form. Goku had previously destroyed Cell's entire upper body, head included, which should have prevented the evil android from regenerating. He's not "an" android (a robot), like #8, #16, and #19. Also, his Saiyan cells make him stronger from every near-death injury he survives. At this point, Future Trunks forfeited the match and was willing to allow Cell to kill him. An interesting note is that for a short time, Cell becomes very powerful after absorbing Goku, although Goku manages to escape shortly after, similarly to how 18 pushed out of his body. After they were born, he ordered them to attack the Z Fighters, but not kill them. We all know that Cell is a biological ANDROID comprised of the cells of the Saiyans (mainly Goku & Vegeta, correct me if I'm wrong). In this form, he is at his 2nd largest (because of Power Weighted Perfect Cell) with his height being more than double that of Vegeta. If someone injected the cells of a fly into a human being. Cell is by far the youngest of the three main villains considering that Buu is millions of years old and Frieza is at the very least a few hundred years old. To further "support" the notion of his superiority, Android #16, who barely survived his brief encounter with this form of Cell, thinks to himself that there should be no-one in the universe ready to challenge him at this point (and that it was odd how he was still so obsessed with achieving completion), until this preconception was shattered by Cell's embarassment against the self-proclaimed "Super Vegeta.". He has a dark green and light green mix all over his exo-skeleton (including head, arms and legs). His aura sort of resembles one, but he is a pure artificial android. at 1/16 of the saiyan blood. His forms have similarities like fighting Goku he could have been similar to ssj, then when he fights Gohan he powers up which can be compared to assj. Using Instant Transmission (acquired from Goku), Cell returns to Earth and kills Future Trunks with the Full Power Death Beam. This attack increases Cell's power, the exact amount depending on the victim's power level. As the battle continued, Gohan told Perfect Cell to stop fighting, and he told him that the power he could harness when he became enraged would destroy everything. So yes, he can. Androids' arrival. Because, Perfect means Much Better than any organism in the Universe. Vegeta, unimpressed by the display, was eager to resume the battle, which Cell obliged. Of the three villains, Cell has the smallest form (his larvae form) and the largest (Power-Weighted form). . 2) in the show anybody who powers up or takes flight always has a bluish aura NOT a golden one that has been specific to the super saiyans. With each transformation, Cell's personality underwent a drastic change. Cell is composed of cells from Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, Frieza, and King Cold. Upon meeting Piccolo for the first time in Gingertown, Cell tells Piccolo that the computer programmed some genetic traits to be more dominant than others. He has two wings which are both green with black spots. After completing his feeding on the humans in Ginger Town, Cell was confronted by Piccolo. The likes of Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, and Nappa had their cells taken during Vegeta's invasion of Earth, while Frieza, The inside of Cell right before he regenerates. Each time he absorbs an android, he evolves into a more powerful being, however he cannot absorb completely mechanical Androids such as Android 16. Ultra Dragon Ball Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. "Power Weighted Perfect Cell" (パワー重視完全体セル; Pawa Juuji Kanzentai Seru) is a transformation of, Power Weighted Perfect Cell after he loses his temper at Gohan as a Super Saiyan 2. He also admits to Future Trunks that he has no interest in conquest--just entertainment, primarily through the fear of others. Finally, Android 16 decided to destroy Perfect Cell and himself with the self destruct device in his body. His mouth in this form resembles that of an Arlian, except that his mouth opens when he talks. And even if he does have saiyan cells in him, and could go super saiyan, why not being able to transform at will like Frieza? He stated that he would take on as many challengers as there are and, if he is able to go through them all, he will then exterminate all life on the Earth. Because he would not have met the requirements to be able to be a Super Saiyan Ssj2gohan 00:14, January 20, 2012 (UTC), He had more than enough power,and when fighting gohan he easily got angry enough to transform, IMO, not only did Cell fail to meet the requirements, but his saiyan cells weren't powerful enough to transform into a super saiyan. Cell charged the Android with Future Trunks (also in his Ascended Super Saiyan form) in hot pursuit, until Vegeta kicked Future Trunks out of the way. In the manga and Japanese anime, there is a plot hole with regards to how Cell became Super Perfect. However, Goku and Pikkon beat all of them easily, and they were sent to jail. He now has blue eyes in this form. In his Super Perfect form, Cell seems to be much stronger than a Super Saiyan 2. This otherwise unnamed form is again taken by Cell after he loses his temper with a Super Saiyan 2 Gohan. Have a nice day. Cell's personality changes drastically throughout the saga; as his evolution proceeds, he can be observed as having a more patient and calculating approach towards his goals. There is no escape! Imperfect Cell (不完全体セル; Fukanzentai Seru) or 1st form Cell (第ー形態セル Dai Ichi Keitai Seru) is Cell's mature form prior to his absorption of Androids 17 and 18. Throughout the entire tournament, he runs from the media covering the story, claiming that he is suffering from intense stomach pains and and calls the techniques in the ring "tricks" or "ilusions".

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