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[71] The lawsuit was ultimately won by Fernández. Edith González Fuentes, nada en Monterrey o 10 de decembro de 1966 e finada na Cidade de México o 13 de xuño de 2019, [1] foi unha actriz e bailarina mexicana.Comezou a actuar de nena e participou en numerosas telenovelas, obras de teatro e películas. [48][49] In 2003, she made a special appearance on the program La hora pico. González was born in Monterrey, Nuevo León. Filmografia. [25] In 1987 she made an appearance as herself on the program Papá soltero[26] and had her first villain role on the telenovela Rosa salvaje, she participated in this project until episode 48 and at the time several versions for her exit were woven. [3] At the age of 15, she had her first important paper on television participating on the telenovela Los ricos también lloran of 1979 sharing credits with Verónica Castro and Rogelio Guerra,[3][12] and in which she also met and acted along Christian Bach with whom she had a longtime friendship until Bach's death. She started her career as a child actress. [92], On 13 June 2019, González died of the disease. [1], From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, "Edith González: muere a los 54 años la actriz mexicana, uno de los rostros más famosos de las telenovelas", https://simple.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Edith_González&oldid=6575795, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. [59] In 2009, she appeared with a role on the psychological thriller series Mujeres asesinas[57] and this same year, she also had a co-leading role on the telenovela Camaleones, with this marking her last telenovela on the channel. [2] According to IMDb, her first acting credit role was on the 1970 telenovela produced by Televisa, Cosa juzgada. [53] Returning in 2006, she took an antagonist role in the telenovela Mundo de fieras, of producer Salvador Mejía, where she shared credits with César Évora and Gaby Espino. [27] Her character was replaced by Felicia Mercado. [98] Also on 13 June, González's funeral was held at the Panteón Francés where she was accompanied by her family and famous colleagues of her acting career. González was born on 10 December 1964 in Monterrey. Nació 10 Diciembre 1966 | México; Signo del zodiaco Sagitario; BIOGRAFIA DE EDITH GONZÁLEZ. Edith González Fuentes (10 December 1964 – 13 June 2019) was a Mexican actress and dancer. She participated in school plays since her childhood. She went on to appear in nearly 40 telenovelas, including Sí, mi amor, Bianca Vidal and Doña Bárbara.She also starred in 18 movies. She also starred in the telenovelas produced by Telemundo Doña Bárbara (2008) and Eva la Trailera in 2016, with the latter being her last leading acting role. [3] Aged 5 and during a visit to the Siempre en Domingo program, she was chosen by the public to play a role with actor Rafael Baledón. [40] On the play she had the leading role and was the first to portrayed Elena Tejero (the main character), as well as being recognized by Salinas, the producer, as the best "Aventurera" for the play, even though after González, there were other portrayers for the leading role, such as Niurka Marcos, Ninel Conde, Susana González, among other more actresses. [53] This same year, she also had a special role on the telenovela A corazón abierto[65] and led the Mañanitas a la Virgen program. [51] She was replaced by Ana Patricia Rojo in the production. González had a daughter, Constanza (born 17 August 2004). [53][68] In 2014, she had the leading role on the telenovela Las Bravo, in which she shared credits one more time with actor Mauricio Islas. [11], In 1990, González was part of the films El motel de la muerte,[30] Sentencia de muerte and Atrapados. [15], In 1982, González had her first leading role in the telenovela Bianca Vidal[16][17] and the same year she also appeared on the telenovela Chispita. She went on to appear in nearly 40 telenovelas, including Sí, mi amor, Bianca Vidal and Doña Bárbara. [2][89], In 2016, González was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer. Edith Gonzalez (10. prosinca 1964., Monterrey, Meksiko) je meksička glumica, plesačica i model ", "Edith González porqué salió de Rosa Salvaje", "Edith González y Eduardo Palomo, dos ángeles en el cielo: así fue su historia en Corazón salvaje", "Muere Edith González, los últimos años padeció cáncer", "Corazón Salvaje, Salomé, Doña Bárbara y otras telenovelas de Edith González", "Edith González fue la mejor Aventurera: Carmen Salinas", "Cómo obtuvo Edith González el emblemático papel en "Aventurera, "Edith González: todos los personajes de telenovela más recordados de la actriz mexicana", "Quién era Edith González y en qué novelas salió", "Edith González, una guerrera que jamás se doblegó", "La inolvidable actuación de Edith González en 'La Familia P. Luche, "¿Por qué Edith González fue reemplazada en la telenovela Mujer de madera por Ana Patricia Rojo? Los reyes de la pista; Bailando por un sueño (2005) El descuartizador (1991) Kino. [41][42] In 1999, she had the leading role in the telenovela Nunca te olvidaré, sharing credits with actor Fernando Colunga[43][44] and also had a role on the telenovela Cuento de Navidad. Los comentarios posteriores deben hacerse en la página de discusión del artículo o en Wikipedia Discusión:Candidatos a artículos destacados. The actress also pointed out that during the filming she experienced "unpleasant experiences" and denounced that she was not treated properly, so she decided to give up the series. [11][29] She acted on the horror film Trampa Infernal (1989), sharing credits with Pedro Fernández. [76] In 2019, González re-appeared as a judge on the fashion program of TV Azteca Este es mi estilo, with this being her last work and television project. [91] In April 2019, it was rumored that she had suffered a cancer relapse; which the actress denied, adducing a trip to Guatemala. Referencer. ", "Muere la actriz Christian Bach a sus 59 años", "Edith González pidió un doble para escenas de sexo en la telenovela 'Vivir a Destiempo, "Edith González pide una doble para escenas candentes en "Las Bravo, "Edith González y Lorenzo Lazo: la historia del romance", "Así es el peligroso cáncer de ovario que sufrió Edith González", "Edith González revela su fórmula para superar el cáncer más agresivo que puede tener una persona", "Edith González niega haber recaído en el cáncer", "Edith González tiene muerte cerebral; la desconectarán a medio día", "Edith González: muere a los 54 años la actriz mexicana, uno de los rostros más famosos de las telenovelas", "Fallece la actriz Edith González tras dura batalla contra el cáncer", "Familia de Edith González molesta con el Programa Hoy", "Llega cuerpo de Edith González al Panteón Francés", "Detrás de cámaras del homenaje a Edith González: así se vivió el ambiente en el teatro Jorge Negrete", "Edith González: la conmovedora despedida de su madre y el fastidio de su familia con el programa Hoy", "Estas son las telenovelas más icónicas de Edith González", "[Video] Cuando Edith González grabó en Tampico", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Edith_González&oldid=990963681, Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute alumni, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Estefanía Muriel / Natalia de Jesús Ortega, Esperanza Gamboa Martel / Isabel Clara Martel, Joselyn Rivas del Castillo Arizmendi de Cervantes-Bravo, "Clara, fantasiosa" (Season 2, Episode 1), Special award to the public's favorite star, This page was last edited on 27 November 2020, at 14:51. [11] In 1993, she starred on the telenovela Corazón salvaje along with Eduardo Palomo, who died in 2003 due to a heart attack. For her work as an actress in films and telenovelas, she was nominated and awarded with prizes such as the Diosas de Plata and Heraldo de México. [73], In 2017, she returned with a recurring role on the telenovela 3 familias[74] she appeared one more time on the yearly Mañanitas a la Virgen program[75] and filmed her last film entitled Un sentimiento honesto en el calabozo del olvido. She also starred in 18 movies. [8], She made her film debut in 1974 on the television film Canción de Navidad. Edith González: Rodno ime Edith González Fuentes Rođenje 10. prosinca 1964. Primii pași pe scenă i-au fost ghidați chiar de către el. [86] As an actress in TV Azteca, she was noted for being adverse to doing bed scenes, asking for a body double to replace her in sex scenes. In other words, anything, less endure a humiliation. She is best remembered and known for her works on multiple telenovelas produced by Televisa, TV Azteca and Telemundo. Edith González Fuentes (10 December 1964 – 13 Juin 2019) wis a Mexican actress an dancer. [1] Her early papers on telenovelas included on Lucía Sombra (1971), La maldición de la blonda (1971), El amor tiene cara de mujer (1971),[4] El edificio de enfrente (1972), Mi primer amor (1973),[5] Los miserables (1973), for which she was awarded in 1974 with an Heraldo award in the category of "revelation artist"[6][7] and Lo imperdonable (1975). It's something that hurts and it will hurt. ", "Las 5 mejores obras que nos dejó Edith González para recordarla siempre", "Edith González "una mujer que se atrevió a todo, "Plaza Sésamo: Los monstruos feos más bellos (Video 2008)", "Edith González deja Televisa y firma con TV Azteca", "Edith González ya es de TV Azteca, aparece en, "Edith González protagonizará "Cielo rojo" en TV Azteca", "Edith González, la ojiazul que conquistó en las telenovelas", "Tras el éxito de 'Vivir a destiempo', Edith González se retira temporalmente de las telenovelas", "Edith González estrena 'Deseo', su primera cinta como productora. In film, she made her debut in the television film Un cuento de Navidad (1974). [15] In 1996, she had the lead role on the telenovela La sombra del otro. Edith González Fuentes, nada en Monterrey o 10 de decembro de 1966 e finada na Cidade de México o 13 de xuño de 2019, [1] foi unha actriz e bailarina mexicana.Comezou a actuar de nena e participou en numerosas telenovelas, obras de teatro e películas. [65][67] This year, she also co-produced and acted in the film Deseo along with her longtime friend Christian Bach. González was born on 10 December 1964 in Monterrey. That is something I can tell you that it is a test not passed. [27], In an infamous scene of the telenovela, the lead character Rosa García (played by Verónica Castro) throws noodles to her face,[28] which was reported to be for many fans a symbol of the "humiliation" described by González. [3] She was part of the academy of theater director Lee Strasberg, as well as studying at the Neighborhood Playhouse and the Actors Institute. Edith González Fuentes nació el 10 de diciembre de 1966 en México, D.F., desde muy pequeña tuvo contacto con el espectáculo, actuando en No se deben realizar más ediciones en esta página. [64][65] She also returned to films on the television film Poquita ropa (2011), starred by singer Ricardo Arjona. Edith GONZÁLEZ estis meksika aktorino. [11] In 1997, she had another leading role on the telenovela La jaula de oro, sharing credits with Saúl Lisazo and René Casados. "Amo ser actriz, "Edith González, capaz de todo por sus hijas", "Fotos: así graba Edith González "Eva la trailera, "Edith González sigue demandada a pesar de su enfermedad", "El autor de Lola "La trailera" gana demanda por plagio a Telemundo", "Edith González "regresa" a la televisión con "Eva la trailera, "Edith González está de regreso en la televisión mexicana con la teleserie Tres familias", "Después de celebrar su cumpleaños, Edith González se acerca a agradecer a la Virgen", "Edith González y otras actrices que protagonizaron la obra "Aventurera, "Cómo es la historia de Constanza, la hija de Edith González", "El gran dolor de Edith González: el día que la actriz confesó que perdió una hija", "¿Por qué se dejaron de hablar Christian Bach y Edith González durante años? Qusan: Lorenzo Lazo (2010-2019) Churinkuna: Constanza Creel González. [2][81][82][83] During an interview in August 2012, González shared that she had lost a baby previously without any further explanation by simply stating the following: I lost one. Monterrey, Mexikó: Elhunyt: 2019. június 13. Her last televised work was in 2019 as judge on the fashion program produced by TV Azteca, Este es mi estilo. Beginning in films, she had little roles as an uncredited or extra actress in movies such as Alucarda, la hija de las tinieblas (1977), Cyclone (1978) and Guyana: Crime of the Century (1979). She had a daughter, born in 2004, fathered by Santiago Creel. NOMBRE REAL DE EDITH GONZÁLEZ WIKIPEDIA. [10], González would continued working in multiple telenovelas produced by Televisa. [48][56] In 2007, she had a guest role on the black comedy program La familia P. Luche, in which she shared credits with Eugenio Derbez and Consuelo Duval. [69], In 2016, she returned with the leading role on the telenovela produced by Telemundo, Eva la trailera. Edith González-Fuentes (født 10. december 1966 i Monterrey, død 13. juni 2019) var en mexicansk skuespillerinde. [48][50] In 2004, she starred in the telenovela Mujer de madera, by producer Emilio Larrosa, but had to stop working that same year due to becoming pregnant. [52] Her next film role was in the movie Señorita Justice (2004), in which she shared credits with Eva Longoria. [43][47] In 2002, she appeared on the comedy program XHDRbZ. [11] In 1986, she appeared on the anthology series La hora marcada[23] as well as appearing on the telenovelas Monte Calvario, in which she had the leading role[24] and Lista negra. Edith González Fuentes (10. detsember 1964 – 13. juuni 2019) oli Mehhiko filminäitleja. Edith González s-a născut la 10 decembrie 1964. Edith González: Életrajzi adatok: Születési név: Edith González Fuentes: Született: 1964. december 10. She was declared medically brain dead[93] and was later taken off life support by her family at noon, passing away at the age of 54. [1] She participated in school plays since her childhood. At that time being antagonistic for Veronica had no problem, what was gacho is that they had already raised you and 'órale my queen, you go back.'[27]. It was said that she had been fired, but in the words of González herself, she actually resigned because of the alleged mistreatment she received from the production of the series.[27][28]. [36] In 1995 and 1996 and under various roles, González made appearances for the anthology telenovela Mujer, Casos de la Vida Real, hosted by Golden Age of Mexican cinema actress, Silvia Pinal. [9] Following this, some of her early films included El rey de los gorilas (1977), Alucarda, la hija de las tinieblas (1977),[10] Cyclone (1978), Guyana: Crime of the Century (1979),[9] Fabricantes de pánico (1980)[11] and Cosa fácil (1982). Candidatura a artículo destacado de Edith González [32][33] This same year, she appeared on the episode "La heredera" (Spanish for, "The heiress") of the program Videoteatros: Véngan corriendo que les tengo un muerto[34] as well as appearing on the program Televiteatros. [37][38] She also appeared on the film Salón México (1996). Edith González Fuentes de Lazo (Monterrey, 10 de dezembro de 1964 — Cidade do México, 13 de junho de 2019) foi uma atriz e bailarina mexicana Biografia e Carreira. She died of the disease on 13 June 2019 in Mexico City. [14] Her filmography continued in 1991 with the films El muerto,[31] El jugador and El descuartizador. [35] She appeared on the film Los cómplices del infierno (1995), in which she shared credits with Maribel Guardia and Alfredo Adame. [60], In 2010, González switched to TV Azteca, the second main Mexican broadcaster. Este fiica lui Efrain González, contabil de meserie. [100] After the tribute, she was moved to the Parque Memorial Gayosso in Naucalpan de Juárez, where she was buried alongside her father. [45], Returning to films in 2000, she took part on the short film Rogelio. [48] This same year, she had another leading role in the telenovela Palabra de mujer[57] and also traveled to Romania for an acting role in the telenovela Inimă de țigan. [54][55] This same year, she had another guest appearance on the program La hora pico. [2] González studied acting in New York, London and Paris. She was 54. González made her acting debut on the telenovela produced by Televisa Cosa juzgada in 1970. Edith González Fuentes sutiyuq warmiqa, (* 10 ñiqin qhapaq raymi killapi 1964 watapi paqarisqa Monterrey llaqtapi - 13 ñiqin inti raymi killapi 2019 watapi wañusqa Mishiku llaqtapi) huk Mishiku mama llaqtayuq kuyu walltaypi aranway pukllaqmi qarqan.. Taytan: González; Maman: Fuentes . De fapt, copilăria ei s … She underwent surgery to have her ovaries, uterus and lymph nodes removed,[90] and, in the words of the actress herself, she had overcome the cancer. González haes wirkit for the Spainyie-leid telly netwirks Televisa, Telemundo, an TV Azteca. [46] In 2001, she had the leading role on the telenovela Salomé, sharing credits with María Rubio, Guy Ecker and Niurka Marcos.

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